Utilities Department - Water Treatment and Distribution

The first water treatment plant and distribution system was constructed in 1956. The original water plant had a capacity of 0.9 million gallons per day (mgd). In th 1969, the plant was upgraded to the 1.8 mgd. The one million gallon reservoir was constructed on Starhill and in 1990 the PIME reservoir was added to increase storage capacity to 1.98 million gallons.

In 1993, the elevated storage tanks on 30th Street and in the Mid-Ohio Industrial Park were demolished, decreasing capacity to 1.63 million gallons. The 1998 upgrade increased the plant capacity to 4 mgd and added a 500,000 gallon clearwell to increase storage capacity to 2.38 million gallons. Today, the plant averages 1.3 mgd, and is manned between 18 to 20 hours a day, spanning over two shifts. The Water Treatment and Distribution Plants are also responsible for 369,793 feet of waterlines and 588 fire hydrants. Other responsibilities include hydrant maintenance and repair, main breaks, sewer tap inspections, and marking lines for taps.

Heath placed first in the 2nd Annual Water Tasting Contest in August of 1994. The event was sponsored by the Southwest District and the Southeast District of the American Water Works Association (Ohio Section).









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