Utilities Department - Wastewater

The first wastewater plant was constructed in 1962 with a design flow of 1 million gallons per day (mgd). In 1972, the design flow was 2 mgd. The upgrade during 1991 decreased the design flow to 1.75 mgd, but has a peak flow of 7 mgd to handle storm events. The anaerobic digesters were converted to aerobic in 1997 to comply with new EPA regulations on sludge disposal.

During 2010 we had an upgrade to construct a new screen building, installation of a new blower and dissolved oxygen instrumentation, installation of a new waste activated sludge pump, replacement of check valves and piping for the existing influent raw pumps. Modification of the scum handling system were also added. We also modified dechlorination and added stand-by power for the solids handling facility. During 2012 we installed jet aeration manifolds with jet aeration/mixing nozzles, stainless steel air and liquid piping for our digester to save on electrical costs and better digester efficiency. In order to cust maintenance costs, two lift stations were removed in 2013.







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