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The Heath Street Department Complex, located at 550 Dog Leg Road, consists of five buildings, including an office, garage, and storage facilities. The department has two salt-water storage pools, one located at the municipal office building and the other at the Heath wastewater plant, and a rock salt storage facility with the capacity to store 700 ton of rock salt. The Street Department is also responsible for several retaining ponds located in various areas of the city and a stone quarry.

The Street Department has a total of seven full-time employees, including Bob Geller, the Street Superintendent. They are responsible for the maintenance and repair of approximately 90 miles of streets and highways in the city. The department is also responsible for snow removal, the maintenance and repair of storm sewers and catch basins, traffic signal operation, road lines and markings, the installation and maintenance of signs, mowing and maintenance of extensive right-of-ways, and the annual leaf pick-up program.

The Street Department maintains a fleet of approximately fourteen vehicles and ten pieces of heavy-duty equipment. The department also conducts an annual vehicle inspection of all other city owned vehicles to insure the reliability of the vehicles and the safety of city employees.

The Heath Street Department can be reached at 740/522.4858 or via email at streets@heathohio.gov

bob geller

Director of Streets
A Message from the Mayor
February 12, 2019

Anyone who has been driving through town lately knows there are a number of areas where potholes are prevalent on the city’s streets. We thought it would be informative to describe to you why we think this is a bigger issue than usual this year and what our city road crews can and cannot do about it in the near term.

To begin with, we think there has been a “perfect storm” of weather over the past few weeks which contributed greatly to the potholes appearing. We had rain/snow events, followed by some unusually frigid temperatures for a few days in a row. Immediately afterward, we saw unusually high temperatures and rainfall, which caused melting and a great deal of runoff and moisture on the street asphalt.

As the ground softened after the freeze, potholes began appearing on the streets. It may not seem like it, but our road crews HAVE been working to try and fill the holes since they started popping up. Using a temporary solution of “cold patch” material in the holes, they have been trying to patch the problems. But as we’ve received further rainfall, the water (combined with the continued driving over top the potholes) has caused this “cold patch” to pop out of the holes which were filled. At the same time, new holes continue to appear.

The long-term solution to potholes is to fill them with “hot mix” asphalt, but the asphalt plants usually don’t open until the middle of April. Until then, our road crews will continue to try and patch the holes as quickly as they can. Hopefully, Mother Nature will start cooperating a little bit.

We know this can be frustrating, but until then, please be patient. We hope you found this information helpful and gives you the comfort of knowing that our employees, who take great pride in keeping our streets in great condition during the winter, are trying to address the problem.







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