Building & Zoning - Development Regulations

The provisions of the development regulations were made with reasonable consideration, among other things, of the character of the city, with a view of conserving the value of the buildings placed upon the land, providing the best possible environment for human habitation, and encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the City.

The Heath Planning Commission administers these regulations and meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. 

Any development, which requires any of the following revisions or changes to the site, shall be governed by these development regulations:

1. New building;
2. New access point;
3. If changing the impervious area by more than 10%;
4. Increasing the size of the existing building roof area by more that 10% or 1,000 sq.ft., whichever is less;
5. Change of parking lot configuration; or
6. Exterior remodeling affecting more than 10% of the building.










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